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Our aim is to take you on a stroll alongside the Loire, a protective mother topped by mists that envelop the great natural regions that border her.
Her unwavering, poetic sisters, so to speak…
Sologne, Perche, Brenne and Beauce: a whole palette of colours that has led to an approach that is nothing if not inspired, combined with an ever-curious eye taking in the beauty of the world.
We drink deep from these abundant terroirs that surround us, in order to provide you with the results of visible and sometimes amused work on a holistic vision stemming from a form of gentle lyricism, in the many utopias imbued with the Château of Chaumont-sur-Loire magic.
In dining room and kitchen alike, we accompany you with simplicity as our watchword.

Welcome to Le Grand Chaume!

Quy Phi, Guillaume, Pascal
Stéphane, Laure, Lucas, Matteo, Magalie, Laëtitia, Isciane, Hannah and Richard.


Discover our 3 menus:

“Here, our approach is one guided by curiosity and humour, championing careful combinations and adjusted in step with the seasons and inspiring encounters and discoveries we make...."
Guillaume Foucault

Le menu55€ 
Asperge violette, pamplemousse et reine des prés  
Volaille Noire du Berry, céleri et sarrasin  
Pomme de Locard vert, citron et bergamote  

“Through our menu, I take you on a distinctive journey that is very much my own. A stroll inspired by my own whims, with sparkle, striking monumental pollards and perennials in store…”
Guillaume Foucault

Le menu


Asperge violette, pamplemousse et reine des prés

Caboussas d'oignons, ail des ours et truite Fario du moulin de Bouté

Volaille Noire du Berry, céleri et sarrasin

Fromage du Petit Trôo, tournesol et feuille de mertansia

Pomme de Locard vert, citron bergamote