Les logis de la Loire


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An experience in the garden

Located on the ground floor of Les Logis de la Loire, these double rooms are unforgettable. They’re on the same level as the garden and their layout is really intriguing.

So where’s the bed?

Outside! It’s located in a hut on stilts, completely filling its interior, and is accessible via a little open-air pathway protected from prying eyes by luxuriant vegetation.

  • Free wifi
  • Direct dial phone
  • Free local calls
  • Hairdryer
  • Tea/tisane courtesy tray
  • Animals not admitted

To set you dreming in the garden

Inextricably connected with the surrounding plant life, Garden Rooms ensure guests enjoy a truly out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Designed to immerse their occupants in the hotel’s tamed nature, they’re an invitation to do away with barriers and devote oneself to the contemplation of living things.

Le Bois des Chambres has three Garden Rooms for you to choose from, each in its own colours and individually decorated.