Les logis de la Loire


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Enchantement in the garden

Located on the ground floor of Les Logis de la Loire, these double rooms are between 22 and 31 m² in size. Designed as contemporary alcoves, they possess a discreet charm in harmony with their natural surroundings. Each room is laid out around a large bed (2m x 2m) prepared so as to be occupied facing any direction its guests desire and so optimise its feng shui, and completed by small lounge and office areas, and separate shower and toilet, while carpet and curtains ensure comfort and privacy.

  • Free wifi
  • Direct dial phone
  • Free local calls
  • Hairdryer
  • Tea/tisane contesy tray
  • Animals not admitted

To set you dreaming in the garden

Inextricably connected with the surrounding plant life, each Alcove Room is an invitation to enjoy true peace of mind and dream the day away.

With a design prioritising their openness to the outside, they do away with barriers so that guests can devote themselves to contemplation of the gardens and the landscape.

Le Bois des Chambres has six Alcove Rooms for you to choose from, each in its own colours and individually decorated.